Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Safe Spaces

The following post is an extended comment on Cassies’s and Christian’s response.

Safe Spaces was a very interesting article. There was of ideas that were mentioned. Cassie did a good job of choosing the three quotes that summarize the chapter. The first quote that Cassie used was essentially the thesis of the article. The second quote that Cassie uses shows the stand of the author and it’s a similar stand that Christian takes in his post. “In society today people see LGBT people as outcasts, almost as if they are their own breed of human beings.”  Christian. I enjoyed the way he describes that LGBT people are being pushed away and isolated to the point that dehumanizes them. Throughout his post he makes known that he does not approve of this. That when he becomes an educator isolation of LGBT students will not happen in his classroom. That kind of strong passionate views is what is going to bring the change that our classroom needs. Safe Places describes a college student response to Marley’s assignment to teacher candidates where the student shows some degree of discrimination towards the LGBT community.  To see that there are future educators that have the courage like Christian to show acceptance to LGBT students shows me that in the close future more and more safe places will be created. Cassie finishes her post with “Everyone is equal no matter what you identify by.” Also showing that she will create that safe place environment in her classroom. 
The future of our education is dependent on teacher candidates like us to have the courage to stand up for what is right.  

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