Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unlearning Myths That Blind Us

The Following post is a Hyperlink post on Linda Christensen's Article.  
Christensen claims that their is a certain "secret education" that is molding the minds of young people in today's society. The media, cartoons, are the ones that determine what role people play depending on race, gender, socioeconomic status. She used Cinderella as an example in her lesson. Some of the students picked up that the standard of beauty that is portrayed in this fairy tail isn't an inclusive one. They are angered by it. Christensen noted how the missed to point out the role of women that is portrayed in the fairy tail. This goes to show how embedded this role is. How women should be, act, and that their only chance to happiness is getting the guy. The following video shows how young women are accepting how they are portrayed in our society.  

They have accepted that girls run, throw, and fight in a particular way. One of the girl in the video as she is running like a girl mentions her hair. Just to show that this idea that physical appearance in girls is valued more than anything. its interesting to see how the younger girls run the proper way. Christensen would probably say that these young girls would eventually be influenced by the "secret education" and once they get older they will do the same thing that the young ladies did. The young ladies have read the magazines, watch those TV shows, and have the experience of playing the female role that the media is showing them. The young girls are simply being themselves still not effected by the media in this area, but that doesn't mean that they will be immune to it.  

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