Saturday, October 15, 2016

2016 Presidential Election

The degree of sexism that has been seen in this election is something that Hillary has faced all her life. She must constantly prove herself in a society that favors men. The recent comments that have been revealed to the public that Trump has made about women, shows that females are still being disrespected in such a vulgar way. The fact that Trump is claiming it to be a normal locker room talk between guys to make sound like he thinks it’s okay to talk about women like this just shows how we need a change how women are perceived. I like how the article by Jill Soloway explains that men tend to categorized women into two groups those are not to be spoken about in a locker room and those who are. The women who are sexually active, drink a bit much than the average women or are “bad” don’t deserve to be disrespected in any locker room. Because if a man does the same thing he is held as an alpha male in a locker room. The fact that Hillary’s voice is a factor to her being a president but it hasn’t been a factor for other male presidential candidates shows how intense the double stander is. Hillary has been breaking the glass ceiling, making the pathway for other women, and inspiring young ladies. She is not conforming to the feminine role that society has to offer. She is creating a new role for women. Where power, leadership, authority are words that can describe a women without robbing her of her femininity.   

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