Sunday, November 13, 2016

Patrick Finn

Patrick Finn establishes this idea that the students from lower socioeconomic classes aren’t taught the powerful literacy that the top class is. Mainly because of the fear the literacy will lead to knowledge that will allow those in the lower classes to raise to the top. This fear leads to our educational systems to be structure in a way that limits children from achieving the top. It’s not done through direct oppression but by indirect oppression as Jean Anyon observed in her study. She observed different schools with students who came from different classes and how the teaching methods that were practice differ. Resistance, possibility, and individualism are very distinct words to describe what should be the same. We are talking about the educational system in our nation. There should be some sort of a shared foundation though out the classroom across the nation. The fact that this study showed that our education system fundamentally differs depending on what socioeconomic class that the students come from just shows that some kids are being set up to mediatory while others are told that world is theirs. Kristof was very apparent in this article. This study showed the evidence that we do in fact live in a land of limitations. Those at the top are taught how to think for themselves and stay on top. Those at the bottom are taught how to follow the rules that have been established by the elite. And the middle class is taught that they can reach upper middle class but are still taught to stay within their class. 

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