Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Problem We All Live With

There have been many attempts to solve under performing schools. No child left behind, as Nicole Hannah-Jones, doesn’t solve this issue just kinds of masks it. It doesn’t lead to the change that is needed. Kahne and Westheimer, would agree with Nicole when she explains that integration is not a charity project for low income students but the institutional change that is needed. Integration allows low income students an opportunity to be part of that culture of power, as Deplit would call it. It gives them the same opportunities that the other better off districts have. Then they are not limited because of the socioeconomic that they were born into. Kristof would say that those students in Normandy have been oppressed because of the institution. It is not the individual student that is determining their path. It has already been determined by the unaccredited school. A failing school could only lead to students to go down the path of failure. The fact that the solution is clear and backed up with concrete evidence but still not put into practice is frustrating. These kids are the ones whose futures are at stake. They will be the ones who suffer if this change doesn’t happen soon. Many are just focused on how to provide a short-term solution.  Eliminating the culture of power by it being more inclusive is the perfect way to solve this issue. Students should not be oppressed by the system; they must be able to reach their full potential. This can be done with integration.


  1. i love your connections to Delpit and Kristof! I agree!

  2. Great connections to many of the authors we have read. Integration is definitely an institutional change that needs to happen as you stated in your post.

  3. Hey! Great connect between our other authors, you pointed out some connections I have not noticed before..