Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jonathan Kozol

The following post will be a "Quotes" on Amazing Grace  by Jonathan Kozol. 

I ask "Does it insult you?" "It used to," she replies "The truth is you get used to the offense."  
With all that she has seen happen in her community from the incinerator, the garbage dump close by, and the multiple trucks polluting the air she has lost hope. Hope that her environment can change. Hope that she can do something about it.  The despair is felt by her and those in her community because being taken advantage of by those in power has become the norm. That is the only thing they are exposed to and the only thing their kids see. This is a very powerful line that she says because she is clearly aware of what's happening but those in power have made it nearly impossible for something to change.  

"I have yet to figure out what she has done that was irrational" 
Kozol shows that this is an institutional problem not an individual. That Mrs. Washington has worked hard and it was only until she did not have another option but depend on the City of New York. The institution is forcing those who are born in a lower class to stay there. No matter how hard they work. Kristof would also agree here. They both believe that individuals could have the hard work and determination within them but its quickly turned off because the rules are not stacked in their favor.  

"I believe that we were put here for a purpose, but these people in the streets can't see a purpose."  

All humans no matter race, gender, social class, or religion has a purpose to reach. We should all have the ability to pursue this. But in cases like Mrs. Washington and those who are being oppressed by the system are robbed of this. And its not being taken away just covered so that they can't see its possible. "The streets" is all that they know. Its all that can be true. The world beyond filled of possibilities is hidden to the point were some don't think its real. That if they have been 
born into other circumstances that they will have all the resources at their hands to reach their purpose.   

This is from my favorite book The Alchamist by Paulo Coelho. Everyone should be able to pursue their dream and not be limited 

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  1. I liked the quotes you chose. And you did a good job explaining them. I really like how you connected the second quote with Kristof, just as we did in our group on Thursday.