Saturday, September 10, 2016

About Me.

Hey! I'm Madelin, you can call me Maddy. I am a Secondary Education major with a concentration in Biology.  Over the summer I worked for a nonprofit organization PlayCorps. I was able to build forts, have water balloon fights, climb things, and be constantly attacked by foam noodles. Kids from all ages in urban communities in Providence were invited to play, create and eat with our team. 
let's just say this summer I was a kid again. I'm the one wearing the very cool orange hat. 

I also work at PetSmart, caring for the animals that we sell at our store. I love my cats, Garfield and Barack.
Although school and work are a big part of my life I like to make time for the things I enjoy. Going on hikes, kayaking and a newer hobby, paddle boarding. I try to live a balanced life where I do a bit of everything. 


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